Do’s and Don’ts for writing Survey Questions


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Surveys are used for many reasons – to measure employee or customer satisfaction, to gauge public awareness of an agency or service, or to evaluate the effectiveness of a program, training or class. Administering a survey can be a tremendous benefit to any organization. Knowing what you do well and how or where you can improve can make a measureable difference.

If you take the time to write good survey questions, you’ll be well on your way to getting the reliable responses you need to reach your goals. The first choice you have to make is the type of question to use. We offer both open-ended questions that ask respondents to add personal comments, as well as closed-ended questions that give respondents a fixed set of options to choose from. These closed-ended response choices can be simple yes/no options, multiple choice options, Likert rating scales, and more.


But the decisions don’t end there! You’ll also have to decide how to ask your questions. Here’s Do’s and Don’ts for writing Survey questions to guide you to creating an effective survey that will get better results. All of the main points are very important and make it easier to come up with questions for a survey.

Remember that “Good Survey Questions Take Time” Surveying takes careful planning. Doing the hard work up front will save you time and effort later. Good survey questions lead to good results!